Business Insurance

Whether you’re a store owner, electrician, heating & cooling professional, salon owner, auto service shop, contractor, etc, our flexible, streamlined  business insurance coverages are designed to protect you against the unique risks and exposures you face – so you can tend to your business and rest assured that it is protected in every way imaginable.


Contractor’s insurance is an umbrella term encompassing insurance policies designed to protect general contractors, contractors, and subcontractors on the job. Some of the many types of contractors include:

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Heating & Air Conditioning firms
  • Landscapers
  • Excavators
  • Janitorial Service providers
  • Carpenters
  • and more

Contractors Insurance is absolutely necessary for contractors. Depending on how many general contractors and subcontractors you work with, you may hold several contractors for any given job. If it’s not a real accident, it’s someone claiming to have one, and the cost alone of a lawyer to defend a contractor can be enough to put a business out. Fortunately, your local insurance representatives can help by making sure you’ve got the proper coverage for your business, and reviewing any legal agreements.

Contractors may also be interested in covering themselves against computer damage and/or office contents insurance.

Business Owners

Business owners insurance is often the most convenient way of protecting your business’s physical and financial assets. A business owner’s policy combines property insurance, liability insurance, crime coverage and additional protection into one convenient package. (We also sell coverages separately).  Business insurance is a necessity for even the smallest company in order to protect and maintain its financial health.

Business Owner Policies do NOT cover professional liability, auto insurance, worker’s compensation or health and disability insurance. You’ll need separate insurance policies to cover professional services, vehicles and your employees.

Auto Service Shops

Take an objective look at your business–analyzing what you do and how you do it–will help you determine what Auto Service Shop insurance coverages you need and what policy amounts would be most appropriate for you.

The coverages you’ll likely want in your business insurance for auto repair shops include:

  • Business property and business liability coverages.
  • Targeted coverages like garage liability or garage keepers coverage.  
  • Tool coverages–you can purchase coverage that protects only the tools that are owned by you, or extended coverages that protect those owned by your mechanics as well.
  • Workers compensation insurance–if you have employees, you’re required by state law to purchase workers comp insurance.

 Other available automotive repair shop insurance coverages include key person insurance, employment practices liability insurance.


Electrician insurance can protect you from devastating financial liabilities caused by injuries, property damage and many other situations. We can not only provide liability or property coverage, but also the proper coverage to protect property owners and project managers so you can gain more jobs.


You have worked hard to build your plumbing business, and we want you to keep your company, your employees, and yourself protected. Plumbers insurance can protect you against mistakes that may have caused damage or created a loss of revenue. Also if an employee or subcontractor is injured on the job, we can make sure you have the right coverage. We will find the right policy for your business so you know that it is protected adequately and ready for any situation that may arise.


To  be clear: bonds are not insurance policies – they’re guarantees. It is not uncommon for business and contractors to have certain projects bonded to ensure they are completed, no matter what complications may arise. We specialize in providing both large and small businesses with the following bonds:

  • Performance – to guarantee the performance of contractually agreed upon work
  • Bid – guarantees the beginning of work following the winning of a bid
  • Indemnity – guarantees any losses should a party fail to meet deadlines
  • Payment – promises payment to all sub-contractors and vendors
  • License – a bond guaranteed to a state or federal agency

Contact us to find out how our bonding services can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Workers Compensation

In its simplest form, the workers comp system strives to be the most effective process available to get an injured worker back to the workforce as soon as possible. It provides the employee with peace of mind; reassuring them that if an on-site accident did happen to occur, they would receive appropriate medical attention-without the heightened cost. The right workers compensation insurance package will help protect your employees in the event of injury or illness during the course of employment.

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